Nome d'Arte: Steve Cruz
Professione: Porn Star
Razza: Latin
Colore degli occhi: Brown
Colore dei capelli: Brown
Pene: Circoncisione
Peli del corpo: Hairy
Fisico: Muscular
Ruolo Sessuale: Flessibile
Extra: Steve Cruz is an awesomely handsome, hairy, bearded guy who was signed to gay porn in 2006 by Raging Stallion. He later went on to work with the likes of Titan and Hot House. Steve was born on November 4, 1972, in San Francisco, stands about 5ft 5ins tall and has a 7-inch cut cock. He enjoys playing the bass guitar, composing music, painting, running and yoga and was educated as a graphic artist. He has worked a lot in the STD and HIV awareness and prevention fields. In 2008 he began his porn directing career with Falcon's Mustang line with Blue Movie and in 2009 he was named joint Performer of the Year at the annual Grabby Awards. He also set up the website Hard Friction with partner Bruno Bond.
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