Nome d'Arte: Tom Chase
Compleanno: 6 marzo 1965♓ Pesci
Professione: Porn Star
Paese di origine: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Razza: Caucasian - American
Colore degli occhi: Brown
Colore dei capelli: Brown
Altezza: 180
Peso: 90
Pene: 28 cm Non Circoncisione
Peli del corpo: Hairy
Tatuaggi: No
Piercing: No
Fisico: Muscular
Ruolo Sessuale: Dominante
Extra: Masculine and muscular, as well as sexually versatile, Piscean former Falcon star Tom Chase has a big fan following in gay porn. He also has a thick, 10-inch cut cock. For a while he was a celebrity porn couple with Joe Cade. Tom made his debut in the mid-1990s and then disappeared for a while before returning in the early 2000s and again in 2006, for Colt Studios. He has brown hair, brown eyes and stands about 5ft 10ins tall. He bottomed for only the second time in porn in the Colt Studios movie Naked Muscles: The New Breed. He was born in 1965 and is one of porn's finest hairy hunks.
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